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ADAMAS BETA Crucible Tongs Stainless Steel Chemical laboratory supplies electroplating jar pliers crucible holder

Stainless steel crucible tongs can grip crucibles, crucible lids, evaporating dishes, etc. You can purchase them for the above purposes.
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200mm 8 inch
250mm 10 inch
300mm 12 inch
350mm 14 inch
400mm 16 inch
450mm 18 inch
500mm 20 inch
550mm 22 inch
600mm 24 inch
800mm 32 inch

Product Details: 
 Item Name: Beaker Tong
 Material: Electroplated
 Length: 20-80cm
 Colour: Silver 

 Size Chart:(1 mm=0.1 cm=0.01 m) 
32 inches: Size of the opening: 32inches, Length: 800mm, Shape: Round 
24 inches: Size of the opening: 24inches, Length: 600mm, Shape: Round 
22 inches: Size of the opening: 22inches, Length: 550mm, Shape: Round 
20 inches:  Size of the opening: 20inches, Length: 500mm, Shape: Round 
18 inches: Size of the opening: 18inches, Length: 450mm, Shape:   Round   
16 inches: Size of the opening: 16inches, Length: 400mm, Shape:   Round   
14 inches: Size of the opening: 14inches, Length: 350mm, Shape: Round 
12 inches: Size of the opening: 12inches, Length: 300mm, Shape: Round 
10 inches: Size of the opening: 10inches, Length: 250mm, Shape: Round 
8 inches: Size of the opening: 8inches, Length: 200mm, Shape: Round

1. A Common Chemical Instrument To Gripping A Crucible,Holding Solid Matter Heating Or Burning. 
2. Anti-Rust,Anti-Corrosion,Durable. 
3. Convenient non-slip paws for safe gripping and handling. 
Use Tips: 
1.Must Keep Clean When In Use. 
2.Preheat The Tong Before Use,In Case The Tip Of The Tong Cracks For The Spot Cooling.After Using,Place The Tong On The Desktop Or Asbestosed Wire Gauze. 
3.After Experiment,Clean And Wipe Up The Tong,Keep It Dry In The Case. 
1.Due to the difference between light and display, there may be some slight color difference from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product. 

Packing include:1 *  Beaker Tong